Rainbow streaming

Photography: Homemade Apodizing Filter found on flickr.


Its that time

Photography: Long exposure of waves by David Orias . Yes its time to watch North Shore and drive around with the window down listening to the memories really loud.


Night vision

Photography: Stills from Julian Carrion 10.21-23
Photography: Stills from Julian Carrion 10.21-23 What is illuminated seems to be true and ideal, but when looking in dimness the authentic truth may be revealed. 10.21-23 explores an imaginary city immersed in total darkness, a place where humankind is obliged to live in obscurity, where exposure to radiation and sunlight is fatal. It is a land where the human eye has developed the capacity to see through the darkness. The lack of illumination has forced the foundation of new strategies to explore the world, where not long before visual memory was the element that gave credibility to human experience. Behind the video with the same name lies a sociological study, exploring the artificial darknesses of the first world’s enclosed spaces and weighing the triviality of our daily life. In 10.21-23, observation in obscurity opens unknown and hidden doors.
The project continues its investigation of darkness and reality through a series of Barely illuminated night-landscapes of New York City, where the legendary and picturesque nocturnal horizon is devoid of its radiant gloom. The images expose the metropolis submerged in shadows, consumed by a sudden blackout. The city appears static and opaque, like a contemporary archaeology of corporate stardoms, all equally exposed by a lack of illumination.
In extension to the erasure of l


leggy lights

Photography: Pinholes. Images by Barbara Ess. 


Alushia sanchia is that you circa 1977

Photography: Prism Filter. Images found on flickr.



Photography: Light and Motion on Film. Aldo Tambellini Black Is 1965.


dancing in the dark

Photography: Solargraphy 

Solargraphy is a method of recording paths of the sun over a period of time usually with a pinhole camera. Exposure times above are solstice to solstice, two months, one year, five months, unknown. 

veiled kleenex ghostwars

Photography: Vintage Spirit Photography. 


Exposing oneself

 Photography: Uranium Autoradiography. 


under my light

Photography: Robert Rauschenberg. Cyanotype Printing.

Robert Rauschenberg makes cyanotype prints by shining a light over a nude female model who is lying on photosensitive blueprint paper.


Chitty chatty

Photography : Laslo Moholy-Nagy Photograms.

Photograms are a photographic process of exposing light sensitive paper with objects overlain on top of it.


Taste Testing

Taste Tests in Color, Jello 1 Berry blue, Rasberry, Lemon, and chocolate Jello on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen) 

Sprinkles Blue, Yellow, Pink , and black sugar sprinkles on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

  Lavoris Cinnamon, Sweet Talk peppermint and Lavoris natural mint mouthwash on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Aderal, generic Diflucan, Aspirin (chewable) and Kava kava pills on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Blue Rasberry, strawberry, banana and grape Laffy Taffy on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)


Blue, Yellow, pink, and chocolate frosting on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Photography: Taste Test Series by Matthew Brandt. The Same hotograph of Vernal Falls in Yosemite, screen printed using various food, drinks and digestibles as printing medium.


From Luster to Photography

 Photography: James Clerk Maxwell. First colour photography.

 Photography in essence is about gathering light through a camera lens and capturing the coloured wavelengths which create a chemical reaction on the film to expose the desired subject image. It works like an artificial eye. This optic topic covers all things photographic : lenses, cameras and printing techniques.