Cowboy Psychedelia

Colour Combination Tuesday: Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

Leather Black, All shades of Sun-kissed Caramel Ocher, Cotton Off-whites,


Caught between words and colours.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Words and colours

Dreamy bubble pinks and sunray yellows, airy blues and brightlight whites,

1. Olafur Eliasson 2,3,4.Found  5.Craig Kauffman 6.Text. 7.Klari Reis 8.Found 9.Matt Connors 10.Found 11.Text 12. Found.


only if you look hard enough the leaves are coming out of the branches.

Todays inspiration: Outside my window

Colour Combination Tuesday: Marbled forest greens, windowsill white, pale and burnt terracotta oranges, deep brick red, graffiti blue Tiles, Morris Louis, Jiri Kiolar, Marimekko.


Ode to the sun: amoeba lakes


 Colour Combination Tuesday: Crystal Bowl Sun Printing. 
The mixture of: Barely Washed out Brutal Pink, Almost there dusted orange-red, Blury black, Only just canary yellow,  Partly transparent crystal bowls.


the ladies corner

Colour Combination Tuesday: Henri Matisse Drawings and Macrame samples. 

Combination 1: Fire engine red, shocking pink, peachy flesh, bright white, sunburnt dandelion yellow, liquorice black.

Combination 2: Cooked oranges, canary yellow, natural tan, soft apricot, baby blue, silver blue grey, mahogany reds, emerald green, white nights, speckled black.

A beautiful little film of Henri Matisse and his big scissors.