Taste Testing

Taste Tests in Color, Jello 1 Berry blue, Rasberry, Lemon, and chocolate Jello on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen) 

Sprinkles Blue, Yellow, Pink , and black sugar sprinkles on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

  Lavoris Cinnamon, Sweet Talk peppermint and Lavoris natural mint mouthwash on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Aderal, generic Diflucan, Aspirin (chewable) and Kava kava pills on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Blue Rasberry, strawberry, banana and grape Laffy Taffy on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)


Blue, Yellow, pink, and chocolate frosting on paper (Multi-layered silkscreen)

Photography: Taste Test Series by Matthew Brandt. The Same hotograph of Vernal Falls in Yosemite, screen printed using various food, drinks and digestibles as printing medium.