Beautiful Ladies I cant find anything to match you

Colour Combination Tuesday: One Image. Kenzo 1985. 

Metallic Pale Azure, Fleecy Lilac, Felted Muted Cobalt, Twisted Silk Ultramarine, Desert Fur Greys, Coated Roseate, Silkened White. 


Dr. Seuss Days

Colour Combination Tuesday: Speckles.

Flexible Brown, Bilingual Beige, Mixed Character White.
1.Quail Eggs. 2. Nail Polish. 3. Chocolate Chip Icecream 4. Lucie Rie Ceramics. 5. West German Vase. 6. Donegal-styled sweater 7. Granite floor. 8. Speckled Crab


That house on the corner is for sale.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Perhaps an old sailors house in Antwerp. Van Maerlantstraat.

Shabby Pink, Sun-dried-up citrus yellow, Ragged sky-blue, Out of work Navy, Neglected Ochre, Faded Brown, Ramshackle Red Maroon, Decrepit Old Olive Green, Tattered Grey, Deteriorated Mint,


Cats in the Cradle

Colour Combination Tuesday:  Hazy Purple Geometrics. 
Smokey Purple grey; brown; blue; silver; white.

1. Found 2,3 Tadashi Kawamata Field Sketches 4,5,6,7. Reunion Banners 8. Fossil 9. Drop City Dome

All images from An ambitious Project Collapsing.  

I landed on this site after looking for  'string figures' ( James R. Murphy's La Guardia students and Maori  ) and got lost for hours.

Its a nice one :)