Round objects with beautiful colours

Colour Combination Tuesday: Guy's House.

After a lovely intoxitcating day amongst the amazingness and unavoidably inspiring colour combinations of the round objects at Guy Rombouts house, a dinner has been made.

Cherry Tomato Red, Grapefruit Pink, Sage Leaf Green, Pitted Olive Green, Rose` Rose`, Buttery Mustard Yellow, Ripe Apricot, Gnoochi off white,  Mozzarella White, Poppyseed Black.  

Pink grapefruit with olive and mozzarella salad with a honey seeded mustard sauce. (90s colour combo)
Gnocchi fried with sage butter and apricot tossed with fresh cherry tomatoes and sprinkled poppy seed. 

Perhaps the grapefruits and apricots should have been replaced with oranges. The associative colour perception went a little wrong. So this is a fitting podcast that makes for nice listening and which kind of explains it, perhaps.


Finding Brown and getting Sukkot

Colour Combination Tuesday: Individual colour pigments that comprise the different the shades of 'brown'. 

Havanna Brown, Dessert Dust, Dark Brown.


Feels like the shades of the months to come

Colour Combination Tuesday: Airi Sabaku

How the weather conditions determine the shades and speckles of the animals skins and coats(?)
 More associative random google imagery searching: 

Grey Skies, Intermediate Blue, Stormy Beige, Dark Slate, Full Cloud Greige.


Materials used: sunset, foam, tile.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Material and colour combination. 

Art work and research from 
 Florida inspired plastic surgery sporty gel settings
by Frances Malthouse . 

 Foam Pastel Pink, Beach beige, Sunset fire yellow, Transparent gel blues, Slick surface white, Marble tile browns.