Another night another snake dream

Colour Combination Tuesday: Outside the plane window Brussels to Doha.

 Random google image search results.

Blurry deep night sky blue, illuminated whites, sunsetting yellows, burning lamp vermillion. 


Finding patterns in the randomness.

Colour Combination Tuesday: One image and the randomness of google image search.

Found Shirt Image.

The only real colour match

The pixel estimates of shape and colour.

Nice images from this, nothing in the shirts colours :)

Accidental Blues, Unintended Yellows, Chancy Pinks, Erratic Greens, Fluky White.


Does cement move sometimes?

Jet lag Colour Combination Tuesday: Cement Grey, Painted Black, Canvas White 
1. Dan Colen 2. Found.
Perhaps time to watch The Cement Garden 1993 Andrew Birkin.


Hen-na Breakfasts

Colour Combination Tuesday: Fruit Of Paradise (1970) Věra Chytilová. 

Juiced Orange, Sandy Mountain Dune Beiges, Bathrobe Dusty Pink, Umbrella Navy, Newspaper Greys. 

With an incredible Opening Scene