Leave the gun. Take the cannelloni.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Fruit Salad. 
1. Found Image, 2. Arjan Benning,

Peeled Banana Yellow, Peeled Grapefruit Pink, Peeled Lychee Grey, Peeled Citrus Lemon, Peeled Lime Green, Peeled Grapefruit. Pitted Black.


Im not a good hunter, a duck stole my arrow and used it to build her nest.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Sketchbooks and Draped Canvases

Saul Leiter and Sam Gillam

Craft Paper Brown,  Marbled Red, Stained Greys, Watery Blues, Stroke Yellow, Speckled Orange, Linear Purple, Blotted Greens.


flat textures and the lords chips

Colour Combination Tuesday : Allison Schulnik and Google Poetics

And 50 years on google does our cutups for us.

Boneless White, Deadpan Black, Blood Ruby Red, Frozen Eyesore Greens, Squashed Citrus Yellows, Sometimes there-blues.


40ยบ heat and cotton dresses if only a memory

Colour Combination Tuesday: Laura
1,3, Katie Bell. 2,4. Found
Transparent White,  Hints of Pink, Speckled grey, Pale Blue dreams, Fresh Olive minted greens, Wooded yellows.