Never a frown its sweet brown

Shades of Brown:  Sweet Breakfast

Coffee Art

Shades of Brown (coffee)

Brownstone Brooklyn


Shades of Brown : T.J. Brownstone from the BK reporting from Macon Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn)


A Repost: There are impossible scribblings in nature, written neither by men nor by devils

Shades of Brown (all) : Photographs from The Writing of Stones by Roger Caillois (1970)

Erotic dissidants

Shades of Brown (Sepia) : Tracy Nakayama. And her sepia toned portraits.

My other love.

Shades of Brown (chocolate) : Dissected chocolate bars

The colour for peasants

Shades of Brown (russet) : Bruegel The Peasant and the Birdnester 1568
In the 14th Century the colour russet was worn only by peasants as a marking of their social ranking.

Its the season.

Shades of Brown (chestnut) : Chestnuts

The prehistoric pigment

Shades of Brown ( burnt umber ): Pigment


Shades of Brown (Rust) : Cowbell and Rust print shorts

Weary Wednesday

Shades of Brown (Tawny) : Leaf fossils


Jojo's rabbit paparazzi

Shades of Brown : City Park Rabbits, Antwerp. All photos taken by Roberta and Johanna Trudzinski on their walks in the park. http://hui-hui.de/category/blog/

Daydream nation

All shades of Brown (Burnt Sienna) : Candle



Shades of Brown (Ochre): Cave paintings. 1. Australian aboriginals. 2,3. Native American Indians.


Fulvous in the sky with diamonds

All shades of Brown (fulvous) : That reddish-brown colour of birds feathers.


Cut the rope and let the goat be free.

All shades of brown ( Chamoisee) : The Alpine goat.


Dark Brown Feeling

All shades of Brown: 'The All shades of brown' brown house.