Trash bag weavings

Colour Combination Tuesday : Trash bags Plastic grey purple, trashy yellow, rubbish bag black, garbage bin bag mint green


Clothes Line

Colour Combination Tuesday: Clothes line 

Terry toweling lime green, summer singlet hot pink, tshirt black, workshorts green blue, bathroom towel cherry maroon, grandma underpants grey blue.

1. Photo from the city of Tirana, Albania. 
2. Video of project by 
Architecture + Art : Edi Rama & Anri Sala from The Architecture Foundation on Vimeo.

The mood of today is veering towards architecture and colour. And, as always a favourite coated arms colour combination, that being in the 'pastel' end of the spectrum, can be viewed in the some of the photos by Ward Roberts series titled Courts 


Being complementary is trending down.

Colour Combination Tuesday: Blue and Orange.

Film stills
by Oskar Fischinger  "An Optical Poem" and  "A Composition in Blue".
and by Jack Goldstein "A White Dove" and "Some Butterflies"

I maybe in a complementary mood today but according to "google Ngram" the use of the word complementary is sliding (or is it not?), well in literary arenas that is. And apparently the word 'colour' is slowly on its way to becoming extinct. As always, the google Ngram appears to be an extremely reliable source for all your statistics queries.  


Two words

One Colour Tuesday: Gelato Sesamo Nero