My boudoir in the grand bazaar

Colour Combination Tuesday: Background image by Bengum Yetis with Issey Miyake SS 2001, Gerhard Richter, Issey Miyake SS 2001 with Martin Margiela folded carpet bag SS12, Lava Falls Unikaret Grand Canyon Richard Hutton Carpet with still from Issey Miyake SS2001.

Terracotta Dune Orange, Grape Purple, Persian Carpet Maroon, Dusty Pink, Sandy Peach, Crispy Sky Bright Blue/Shadow Blues/Eggplant Blues, Grey Whites, Blushing Pink, Coal Black,  Hidden Khaki,

This week I discovered Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2001. Skip to 3:19 to get these dresses. YYYEESSS!!!!

This song kept playing in my head while placing these images Sweet William and Lady Margaret cover by Amps for Christ. If I was to have repeated synesthesia with one song it is this one. 
It would be the colour palette above plus a golden waxy light wooden yellow added to it.
And Margaret would be wearing the white dress at 4:32.
I dont know about William yet.


Different kit same hues.


Colour Combination Tuesday: Paint by numbers. 

Shadow greens, contrast greys,  watery sky blues, chestnut tanned coppers, roasted raw umbers,  unadulterated whites, leafy pine greens,  mountain beiges, sneaky peachy tangerine. 


Hes sorted his palette out,

Colour Combination Tuesday: Paintings from the exhibition titled 'The Sum'  by Tal R  in 2008.

To challenge the fundamentals of painting, he restricted his colour palette to seven set colours: jet black, blank white, bubblegum nude pink, fresh army green, vermillion red, sunny side up yellow and smudgy brown.


Is that the house that Jack built?

Colour Combination Tuesday: Smoking Black, water stained browns, white wash, teaky yellow, burnt orange, moldy greys. 

Paintings by Carole Bremaud and water, fire and mold damage houses via the ugly house photos website.
A website of houses for sale in the pheonix area, I particularly like the functional obsolescence posts.