YELLOW all day

Yellow: Food

1. Flowers for the table.

2,3. Breakfast of tropical flavours:
Starfruit, Pineapple and Jackfruit.
I had never eaten Jackfruit before and can say it has the texture and taste of all the tropical yellow fruits rolled into one. It reminded me of a mango, banana and pineapple all in the one place.
Exotic but really good.

4,5. Lunch.
Yellow capsicum, corn and a yellow vegetable that looks like a carrot and tastes like parsnip that I dont know the name of, lightly fried, drizzled with golden honey on a bed of couscous.

6,7 Dinner. Indian feast.
Dal curry, moong dal papadums, fresh mango chutney, moong dal burfi balls and ginger tea.
I attempted to use moong dal (yellow lentil) in every dish (except chutney) that I would make for dinner, including dessert, however there was a major failure with my paratha.
No matter how easy, the indian house wife with one lazy eye, Sfehmi, on her you tube video makes her paratha-making look, dont be fooled because she is a skilled paratha making woman.
So as a precautionary measure, I bought moong dal papadums just in case there were any mishaps with the paratha making. Which there was....

Mishaps aside, I discovered the effects of adding TUMERIC to everything and turning it bright yellow and I used Ghee to replace oil/butter, which has changed my mind about the Indian kitchen being the 'healthiest' on earth, it is completely not.

The fresh mango chutney, which could have had more oil and chunks of ginger, makes me think 'fresh chutney is the future'. And the Indian man in the Indian shop agreed with me, telling me to not buy dried coriander seeds because they are not good, FRESH, fresh, fresh coriander. Yes, yes but fresh coriander is totally green and dried ones are kind of golden.