Colour Coded

Yellow: My childhood colour.

When I was growing up (age 4-10), my mother assigned my sisters and I a specific colour.
The colour somehow corresponded to our bedroom interiors.
Our bedrooms where identical, the same furniture, fabric wall hanging on one side, over-sized rosary beads on the opposite wall, the walls were painted in 'our' specific colour and we had the same fabric for the bedspread, pillows and curtains in 'our' specific colour. (Pillow case of my bedroom Image 1-3)

It made things easier, if there where disputes when shopping, each sister would get the item in 'our' specific colour.
It made the chose of pens, socks and underwear so much easy for a 7 year old.

My colour was yellow. (image 4)

My middle sister was blue. (image 5)

My eldest sister was pink. (image 6)

There is one VHS tape that was filmed in 1987 that documents us in our coloured coded bedrooms.
And to my excitement my parents digitized it and sent it to me.
The quality of the tape is not as good as what it was but you can still see us in our three colour coded bedrooms.