An ode to Yves Klein Blue

Blue: Urine 1958 Urine Colouring Re-enactment

In April 1958, Yves Klein exhibition The void (one event of many in a series under the title the void) was held in Paris. The exhibition was a white painted gallery space with nothing in it. On the opening night, he allowed groups of ten people to enter at a time to view the 'empty' gallery. At the same time enjoying the cocktail which he gave out. The cocktail contained gin, cointreau and tonic. It also contained methylene blue which little to the visitors knowledge within a few hours would turn their pee blue. Just to note, the pee never turned to the full colour of the true Yves Klein Blue but it did turn blue.

So, in honor of the late Yves Klein and all his monochromatic mania, I re-enacted the event by drinking blue methylene to turn my urine blue.
The bitter taste of the chemical was a little overpowering, leaving my tongue totally blue, I personally dont know how he disguised it.

I have been peeing blue since four days. It is quite a pretty thing to wake up too, as the colour is really strong in the morning. 

Taking a 'nice' picture of a toilet at the right time of day so the blue is a strong enough colour was quite a challenge. This was the best one, taken at night, so the blue is a little diluted. Thanks Mechelen for providing me with the most clearest toilet picture.

And Yves Klein Blue