If you close your eyes it tastes the same

Blue: Eating food that has been dyed blue.

Breakfast: Yoghurt with soaked lychees and peach
Lunch: Omurice ( Japanese fusion omellette filled with mushrooms, rice and mozeralla, all dyed blue) which I found from this website http://www.c4vct.com/kym/bento/bluefood.htm which are recipes of blue dyed foods.
Dinner: Vegetarian Shepherds Pie
Dessert: Blue Blueberry Pie filled with mascarpone filling.

Perhaps it is an appetite suppressant, I really had to not look at it to be able to eat the meals and I didnt finish the dessert which I would have to say never happens. After this I am convinced half the taste of food comes from how it looks. Perhaps because I am not used to seeing it, but blue food actually looks like your eating a comic stripe character aka a smurf which basically makes the whole experience kind of unpleasant.

I once ate a blue dessert in Singapore, at the time I thought it was dyed with food colourants but this week I found it is in fact dyed using a natural blue dye. The sweet treat is called pulut inti and the rice is dyed using bunga telang (Blue Pea Flower).


I only remember concentrating on the weirdness of eating the blue rice and didnt think to take note of the exotic blue pea flower taste!
Next time I will.

This is a very interesting discussion about the industrial food industry. There is only one mention of the 'colouring' of food, which is about pink, not blue, but it made me think of it when I was eating the blue food.