You say pink I say purple.

Pink: The pink debate

At first site this colour appears to be purple, to me anyway.
Why? By definition pink is the resulting tint achieved by adding white to red.
However most shades of pink lie between white, red and magenta.

Yes this wonderful boarder line colour MAGENTA reveals itself in all its confusing glory.
Magenta is composed of equal parts of red and blue, which if mixed makes purple.
And then if white is added all the colour variations of Magenta and its pinky glow are the result. (the original name for magenta was fuchsia, however the name is still used)

So by definition and reference to the crayola colours, I would determine the colour of the above reaction is HOT MAGENTA.
There is a long list of all the variations of magenta on the trusty wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variations_of_magenta. which perhaps can answer the questions below.

So what colour is this?

and the dress?

and the stripes?

And I say purple, no pink, no purple, no pink YES MAGENTA.

Picture 1: Ondrej Job Waterfall with a broken camera
Picture 2: Camille Bidault-Waddington stylist
Picture 3: Artie Vierkant Solvent Study – CM Reverse