Blinded by the light

Natural Incandescence: Mark Borthwick x Mykita

  "Two women explore the natural beauty of Tulum, Mexico, in erudite photographer and musician Mark Borthwick’s dreamy short for frame makers Mykita. Refracted by a golden summer sun, the film sees both girls and landscape dissolve through shards of colored glass to a delicate guitar soundtrack composed by Borthwick. “I was blessed to be given the chance to let the image go, to create a feeling of transparency,” explains the Brooklyn-based visionary. “We were free to celebrate the joy of collaborating in the purest sense of the word.” Using amateur models, and no artificial lighting, styling or make-up enabled Borthwick to capture the ambiance of a family photo album. “Without this inspiring intimacy there would be no specific meaning to me,” he explains. "


Tuesday, April 3, 2012