Happy New Year!

For the year that it was, I am happy it is over.

And so begins 2012..
the end of the world,
the year of the dragon,
another year on the journey of life
or perhaps just another year on the calender on the wall.

For whatever it turns out to be, happy new year to us all, lets make it a shiny bright golden one.

So the year of colour is over, but "this is not the end".
A small break and then back with a new year of "to be decided" aka TBD

I cant help but feel a little nostalgic for the year of colour, as every month played host to a new colour guest. Some I communicated better with than others, some easily welcomed and other maybe not as much.

The list is very long of people I would love to thank and I wont make it in the risk I will leave someone out.

So for all the people that contributed to the blog posts this year (you know who you are) I send out a very big thank you THANK YOU for your colour contributions that I loved so very much. So nice that you all participated in the year of colour and I am happy that you all were involved.

On the 10 February, Hadas and I will make the rainbow dinner at RA Antwerp.
It is to celebrate one year of Villa Villekulla and the ending of the colour year.
I will post more details here when everything is "confirmed".

And finally thank you THANK YOU to all the colour viewers, see you sometime soon with a new year....