"Wild timmy jungle scenes"

Timonthy Treadwell: Both cameras rolling both cameras rolling both cameras rolling

Sexy green bandana,
Ah last take of the evening,
I am on my way to the front creek I need to get water and there is a super duper low tide
Full moon tonight
And action

Werner Herzog: In his action movie mode
Treadwell probably did not realize that seemingly empty moments had a strange secret beauty,
sometimes images themselves,
developed their own life,
their own mysterious stardom.

Timonthy Treadwell: Starsky and Hutch over

Werner Herzog: Beyond his posings, the camera was his omnipresent companion.
It was his instrument to explore the wilderness around him
but increasingly it became something more.
He started to scrutinize his inner most being,
his demons,
his exhilarations.

Facing the lens of the camera took, on the quality of a confessional.

Covering various years these following samples illustrate this search for himself.


The Greenery: Wilderness scene from the documentary Grizzly Man 2005 by Werner Herzog.